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Welcome to Official Behemoth Music Submissions Page.

We are always looking for new composers & songwriters to work with on future titles. From established composers to aspiring part time musicians, we have worked with a variety of musical talent over the years. Our game music is important to us and is therefore not necessarily limited in terms of possibilities. If you feel you are a kindred spirit and can contribute sonic elements that would bring a new layer of depth as well as compliment the work of Dan Paladin then read on...

Questions you should ask yourself before submitting:
  • First and foremost -- Have I played or at least researched a Behemoth game?
  • Can I take direction and criticism?
  • Are my demos indicative of my abilities and/or relevant to the body of Behemothian work?
  • Do I have a sense of humor?
If you have answered yes to at least 4 of these and are still interested in creating music for future Behemoth games, then please fill out the form to your right.

We're looking for your name, email address, very brief information about yourself, and a link to your portfolio. Please make sure to fill out these items before hitting submit.

Thanks and best of luck.

The Behemoth

* Note: Due to the high volume of submissions, in and outside of this page, we are unable to respond to everybody. Don't take it personally, we're a lil' baby nest.