The Behemoth is an independent video game developer that specializes in making memorable experiences that are both fun to play and beautiful to look at. Headquartered in San Diego, California, the Behemoth creates original properties and develops and publishes our award winning games in-house. Our mission is to make video games and toys that make your brains explode!

Below you'll find some of our more frequently asked questions and our responses to them.

General Questions

Question: Hi, I'm new to all of this. Who are you?

Answer: In January 2003 we were an experienced console team about to be laid off because of consolidation in the video game industry. When we saw the end was near, we decided it would be better to start our own company than to look for a job and work for someone else again.

Our debut title is Alien Hominid. It's a high resolution, hand-drawn video game that has a lot of action and a lot of color compared to what's out on the shelf these days. It is very much against the grain of traditional
corporate game development - no 3D, no hyper realistic graphics, no boobs.

Question: Wasn’t it risky to start out on your own?....

Answer: Yes, we knew from the start no one would fund the game because it was new IP, we were a new company and it wasn't 3D. At our former companies we'd done many, many concept pitches for publishers so we knew no one would believe in us and our game until they saw the finished product. So we funded the entire development ourselves.

Question: Wait, if you guys are indie, why do you have a published game on retail shelves?

Answer: We paid for the entire development of the game because no one believed enough in the title to fund us. No money of any kind from anyone other than the four owners of the Behemoth. After the game was finished we began to shop it around to publishers. For those not familiar with the console game food chain, to make console games you have to go through a publisher who is licensed by the console manufacturer to produce and distribute games for a particular console. Typically the publisher will fund the game from the prototype stage to completion, but that was not our case.

Question: What did you have to go through to fund the game?

Answer: We did the same things that every indie filmmaker does - mortgaged our houses, cashed in the 401k's, liquidated savings accounts, and took second jobs. It goes without saying that no one has seen a real paycheck since we started. In the end, every bit of our success is due to our wives, kids and girlfriends who believed in our crazy dream and put up with us.

Question: Are there advantages to self funding the game?

Answer: Yes, if the developer self funds the game, it is usually much easier to keep control of the intellectual property. We've kept control of the IP with Alien Hominid, so it gives us a lot of flexibility in everything from being able to do figurines to going to trade shows without having to ask permission.

Question: Trade shows? Figurines?

Answer: Yeah, we do and pay for a lot more than just development. We've been to Comic Con six years in a row now to help build awareness for the game. We did it all- designed the booth, built it ourselves, and of course paid for it all. This past year it was fantastic to meet all the fans. We were able to start selling our figurines and other merchandise at the Con and as an additional revenue stream, it has really helped our bottom-line. We've expanded our trade show circuit to include the Penny-Arcade Expo, and Wonder-Con. This year (2008) for the first time we were able to attend the Toky Game Show too!

Question: Who is your North American publisher?

Answer: We are currently self-publishing all of our own titles! If you would like more information about this please email us

Question: Are your games available in Europe?

Answer: Yes! Find out all about our games, or buy them here!

Question: What platforms are your games available for?

Alien Hominid is available for the Xbox LIVE Arcade platform for $9.99 USD.

Castle Crashers is available for the following platforms:

Xbox LIVE Arcade - $14.99 USD - Purchase here
Xbox One - $14.99 USD - Purchase here
PlayStation Network - $14.99 - Purchase here
Steam - $14.99 - Purchase here

Question: Are you guys hiring?

Answer: Although we're not actively hiring, we're always looking for talented people to integrate into our lives. We have a lot of requirements, and most likely won't have enough time to respond to all of the applications being sent in. Send your cover letters, resumes, and portfolios to, jobs[at]thebehemoth[dot]com

Question: I have a cool game idea. Can you make my game?

Answer: We have a lot of good game ideas too. Please don't send us yours. We want to avoid the liability of someone sending us a generic idea, only to complain when they think we stole it.

Alien Hominid
Question: Isn't this a Flash game? I played it on Newgrounds!

Answer: The original was a Flash game, but we made this new version from scratch! We brought back the bosses from the web version, although they have been re-drawn and re-programmed. Everything is much, much better and the game is much longer. You can read more about the game on this site!

Question: So how much money did you pay Tom (Newgrounds) & Dan (synj) for the rights to their Flash game?

Answer: Nothing, Tom and Dan are co-founders of the Behemoth! It's all the same people as before, with support from
an expanded team of console industry veterans. We didn't sell out to anyone!

Question: That is just so cool. How many levels?

Answer: We have 16 levels, complete with mini-bosses and main-bosses and cool cinematics. We've also added Easter
eggs and a boatload of mini-games! Call in sick and prepare to fail all your classes!

Question: How many players?

Answer: One or two players can play the main game. We've also included mini-games which allow up to four players
simultaneously. It's a lot of fun! Don't worry if you're in a tight spot, another player can jump in at any time!

Question: Why did you make it 2D?

Answer: Why not?

We experimented with a variety of alien renderings. We first approached the console version with a really slick looking 3D version of the alien, however the feel of the original was completely lost. We decided to stick with cartoon renderings. Our next attempt was a 3D cell- shaded alien, but it looked like everything else on the market. Ultimately, hand-drawn was the only way to maintain the kinetic energy of the characters and connect the individual artists to the gamer. 3D can't capture the magic of hand-illustrated, hand-animated characters.

Question: Who made the music?

Answer: The entire console soundtrack was created by Matt Harwood of Petrified Productions. We have a better soundtrack than most movies!

Question: What's a "hominid"?

Answer: It basically means human-like. An "alien hominid" is a human-like being that is not from this earth, but perhaps related to us in some way. We don't bother to explore that connection, though.

Castle Crashers

Question: What is Castle Crashers?

Answer: Castle Crashers is a 4 player beat-em-up adventure that can be played both online or offline. It includes light RPG elements such as leveling up and experience. Characters have different magical abilities and swappable weapons found along the way!

Question: Is it fun?

Answer: It must be pretty fun, because players have rated it the highest rated game on XBLA!

Question: Can I play this game online/offline?

Answer: Yes! You can play both co-op and versus modes online multiplayer (or offline!).

Question: Can I play this game with a friend on my couch and invite people from online to play along with us?

Answer: Yes!

Question: What is this game rated?

Answer: The game is rated T for Teen for North America, Canada, and Mexico.

Question: What platforms has this game been released on?

Answer: Currently released on Xbox 360 LIVE Arcade, PlayStation Network, Steam, and Xbox One! On September 9th, 2015 we released an updated version for Xbox One titled, Castle Crashers Remastered. Find out all about it here.

Question: Is there a demo?

Answer: Yes, you can download a free trial of Castle Crashers from each of the platforms that it's available above.

Question: How many characters can I pick from?

Answer: 20+ characters. Four characters to pick from initially. If you have an Alien Hominid HD achievement, you can also choose to start with the Alien in Castle Crashers as well!!

Question: What were the team's inspirations?

Answer: Tom's main inspiration comes from Guardian Heroes, and anything Treasure has created. Dan's main inspiration comes from River City Ransom, or anything Technos Japan has created. Everyone on the team likes old-school stuff and wants to keep the evolution of the old genres happening!

Question: What happens when my character dies?

Answer: If you are all alone, you are booted back out to the map. You keep all of your experience points that you gained during that level.

Answer: If you are with friends, they will have a chance to revive you with CPR. If both of you die, you are both booted back out to the map and keep all your experience points gained during that level.

Question: How does experience/leveling work in this game?

Answer: Experience is distributed on a per hit basis. Two players can both gain experience from an enemy (boss or regular) as long as they are both causing damage to that enemy. --Each time you level up you are granted a certain number of experience blocks that you can apply to one of four attributes (strength, defense, magic, speed). --The only bar that grants newfound abilities through applying experience blocks is magic. --Combos are learned automatically as your character level rises. --Maximum level achievable is level 99. People who have level 256 are cheaters and jerks. Don’t play with them. --Different characters on your profile each gain experience separately. You have to play as each character for them to gain experience.

Question: Do my characters stay the same between different modes? (multiplayer/singleplayer/arena)

Answer: Yes, the experience and unlocks they gain in any mode is carried over to the next.

Question: How many weapons?

Answer: Over 40!!

Question: How many levels?

Answer: A lot.

Question: How many pets?

Answer: Over 20!!

BattleBlock Theater

Question: Wait a minute…Didn’t this game used to be called Game 3?

Answer: Game 3 was the codename we were using when we hadn't announced BattleBlock Theater's true name yet!

Question: Can I play this game singleplayer? Is there a story/campaign mode?

Answer: Yes you can play singleplayer! Yes, you can play story/campaign mode by yourself or with a friend!

Question: Can I play this game online/offline?

Answer: Yes! You can play co-op and team versus modes online or offline multiplayer.

Question: Tell me about this story!

Answer: Having shipwrecked on a mysterious island you find yourself both betrayed by your best friend Hatty and captured by the locals. All of this is happening while being forced into deadly performances. This however, is just the start of your problems. Please see our trailer for more details!

Question: Can I customize my character?

Answer: Yes. You can choose your head shape, a face to go on that shape, and weapon.

Question: Can I unlock stuff?

Answer: Yes. OMG yes. Hundreds of Characters and lots of weapons can be unlocked.

Question: How many players/gameplay modes/faces/weapons/head shapes/levels/hours of gameplay/people online?

Answer: Sorry, anything with an exact number for an answer is not being released right now. (except for the next question)

Question: When are you releasing this game?

Answer: We've announced 2010 in our trailer, but who REALLY knows? WHO OUT THERE KNOWS FOR SURE????

Question: Where is the latest trailer?


Question: Where is the OLD trailer?


Question: What platform(s) can I play this game on?

Answer: Available on XBLA and Steam. Find out more here.

Question: How fun is BBT?

Answer: We throw out projects in the works that are not fun! I promise. Did you know we completely threw out the first incarnation of Castle Crashers? We threw it all out and started again from scratch. Whew!!!


Answer: Find out more about the game on the official website, here

Pit People

Question: Wasn't this game called Game 4? I don't understand. Someone please help me I am scared of the light.

Answer: We like to use codenames for games that are still in development. When they are mature enough to handle a real name we abandon the codename and never look back.

Question: Tell me about this story! All of the details. Everything about this game. I just want the details. I don't care about anything else in life.

Answer: We're still in development and the story, and every other aspect of the game. As we continue to work on the game daily you can follow along and track our progress, here.

Question: When are you releasing this game?

Answer: Remember when you were young and your parents would yell at you if you didn't salute them when you were coming down the stairs in the morning? It's like that.

Question: Where is the latest trailer?

Answer: Latest trailer is here.

Question: What platform(s) can I play this game on?

Answer: Pit People will be available for both Steam and Xbox One.


Answer: Find out more about the game on the official website, here

Our Merchandise

Question: What toy company is making your figurines?

Answer: We are not involved with any toy companies. We're so hardcore we made the figurines ourselves! The original molds were sculpted by Clint Burgin, a friend here in San Diego. Clint's friend Brian then delivered the molds to Hong Kong, where they were put into production. Months later, we had finished figurines!

Question: Why are you having your figurines made in China? That's UN-PATRIOTIC!

Answer: There are no longer any factories in the US who would produce our figurines. Believe us, we tried. Take a walk around your local toy store and read the boxes - MADE IN CHINA! The production takes place in a certified factory that does not employ child or prison labor, so we are about as ethical as you can get.

Question: Where can I get the figurines?

Answer: Order them from our official Behemoth Store!

Question: Is ordering from you guys secure?

Answer: Yes!

Question: What about T-shirts?

Answer: We have almost a dozen different T-shirt designs right now, and are always adding more. Check them out in our official Behemoth Store! Depending on the design we have kids sizes, women’s sizes, and men’s all the way up to XXXL. We also have hats, skateboard decks, and more! Represent!

Question: I have a question about delivery, or something else having to do with my order from your online store.

Answer: Email our distributor’s customer support at customerservice[at]merchlackey[dot]com