Here's some background... founded in 2003, the Behemoth is a small group of hardcore gamers with the modest goal of bringing craftsmanship and originality back to the game industry. Our first offering, Alien Hominid, picks up where 2D gaming left off in the mid-90s, and continues the evolution! In 2008 we released our second title, Castle Crashers. It took us about 3 years of development to finish this title and all the hard work has helped secure it as the best selling and top rated title on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Moving forward we are now in full development of our third title, BattleBlock Theater. It's the largest game we've ever created with more characters, levels, unlockables than any of our previous titles. BattleBlock Theater is scheduled to release on April 3rd, 2013 for the Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Our development is 100% self-funded with support from fans who support our cause!